I’m building a band, and I want to hear from you. Here’s what I sound like, what I’m looking for, and more about me. Tell me about yourself if you want to talk!


Original band to play out and release new music. Modern rock/post grunge. I’m based on the east side of Seattle; rehearsals and gigs will be centered around Seattle. Looking for Drums, Bass, Lead Guitar, Backing Vox. A interesting in writing is a plus.

I have some original material already and I’m continuing to write. I’m planning a release for my next track.


Melodic, modern hard rock with swagger. Shinedown, Muse, Royal Blood. Guitar-driven with a drop of pop sensibility. Of course, the exact sound of the band will be the result of all the members and our influences. Well-written and well-produced tunes – some anthemic, some get people pumped up and moving, some that just move people.

Long-term, I want to tour with this band. The sky is the limit.

In the near-term, the plan is to play throughout the Seattle area, record and release originals. You don’t have to be ready to tour to be a good fit, but it would help. I intend to be ready for opening spots in the spring.

Performing with a U2 tribute. Ignore the sunglasses

The Music

Soundcloud (above) has some of what I’ve written so far, and the songs that best demonstrate the sound I’m going for are at the top. I recorded everything in the list, and performed all of vocal and instrument parts. I mixed “Yellow To Red” and “Can’t Get Over The World”.

“Can’t Get Over the World” is an original I’ll be releasing next. “Saboteur”, “Bad Moon”, and “Yellow To Red” are out on streaming.

This Spotify playlist includes songs that I feel have some influence over the sound I envision:

What I’m looking for right now

I’m looking for experienced lead guitar, bass, and drums.
I’d love to find a co-founder/co-writer to help me get the band started, and to start building a repertoire of original material.
Do you like any of: Shinedown, Royal Blood, Muse, Collective Soul, Live? 
Do you write, and want to be a primary writer in a band?
Then I want to hear from you!

I’m open to a variety experience levels but if I can learn from you, all the better. Open to consider players of all ages. It would be ideal if you’re in a similar position to me though: able to rehearse and play out a lot, and potentially able to tour in the not-too-distant future.

The main instrument you play isn’t important, but it would be beneficial if you are capable of expressing your musical ideas on guitar or keys, etc.

More Details

I’m based on the east side of Seattle. I’m open to rehearsal locations in the immediate Seattle vicinity and across Lake Washington. I have a rehearsal space in my house, but there’s a noise curfew.

I need players who can get themselves and their gear to rehearsals and gigs on time, who have time to learn (or write) parts and are willing to put in some work. I need people who are at least a little excited about the sound I’m trying to make, and even better if you have ideas that build on what I’m thinking already.

Instrumentation will probably be vocals, rhythm guitar, and keys (me); lead guitar; bass; drums. I’ll need at least one background vocalist.

About Me

I’m in my mid-40’s, and I’ve been playing music almost all my life. In the last year, I decided to make music a more significant part of my life. It’s a slow transition, but I’m committed to it. This band is a major part of that. I’m also the frontman in a U2 tribute band, and I’m open to joining other cover/tribute projects that feel right.

Musically, singing is my strong suit. I’m a recovering drummer, I’m competent on rhythm guitar, and working on some basic lead chops. I can mess around on keys and fake my way through simple bass lines.

I’ve been writing off-and-on for a couple of years, and I consider myself still just getting started with it. I’m trying to learn all I can and hone a craft.

I also record and mix my own songs, as well as promo recordings for the U2 tribute. I’ve produced a couple of music videos and promo videos as well.

I’ve released a couple of songs to streaming in the last year. I’m continuing to do that until I get this band fully started. Some of what I release may be right for the band, but we’ll see.

My “day job” is being a tech contractor under my own business. This gives me flexibility to make music more of a priority.

My most significant influences are classic to modern rock : Muse, Collective Soul, Royal Blood, Rival Sons, Zeppelin, U2, Live, Fuel, Shinedown).

Usually hard, alternative rock with a good melody and range of emotion. Not a fan of a lot of screaming.

Say Hello

If this sounds remotely like you, tell me by filling this out. If you have questions, there are a few ways to contact me here.